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Novel Newlyweds

A book club for new brides

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Welcome to Novel Newleyweds! An online bookclub for women looking to unwind after months and months of wedding planning and during lulls in newlywed bliss! And of course their friends too....We're not just limited to newly-married women. That's just how we got started. We all started on the Wedding Channel Message Boards as brides searching for great ideas and people to share the ups and downs of wedding planning. We met and moved ourselves over to Live Journal to post more privately and in a more user friendly space. Got married or are right about to get married and realized we have our time back again to devote to reading non-wedding related books and magazines again, so we decided to put together our very first online book club.

The way we work: Each month is moderated by a different member. The member of the month picks 4 possible books, posts the titles, a picture of the cover, and a summary/review of each book. Then we all vote for our top choice. The book with the most votes wins for that month. We read and then post a discussion towards the end of the month or during the month with "spoilers" behind an LJ cut. This is continued each month. Extras: This forum is also a nice place to share additional titles we are reading and dicuss those books as well. In general just a place to get ideas to expand your reading repetoire!

So far we've read:
1) Trp4Life's pick: October = Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Neffenegger
2) Elaine77's pick: November = Appointment in Samara by John O'Hara
3) Kate1125's pick: December = Freakonomics by Steven Levitt & Stephen Dubner
4) Zabeth74's pick: January = Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro
5) Cactus76's pick: Februrary = Saturday, by Ian McEwan
6) Boreter's pick: A tie! March = History of Love & Three Junes
7) NYCLaura's pick: April - pass, free month

Up Next:
May = K52sugar
June = Linnyloplop
July = Pitt_Alum
August = LittleCindy
September = SweetRed1
October = AttackKitten
November = Lawgirl4
December = tupelogirl
January = ssstephaniem
February = Granada
March = katysabrat
April = Purplegirlie
May = Mauibride2U
List will continue on as long as we're all around. New members will be added on as available too!

This is a moderated community, but feel free to email to be added to our list!